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Iona O'Moore
Verified Buyer

I have extreme dry eye due to blocked tear ducts and almost 5 years ago my ophthalmologist prescribed using the Bruder mask 5-7 evenings a week to help alleviate the blockage. Every year I get in a bit of trouble with her for not using it as much as I should, but it's inconvenient for me to try and remember to heat it up in the microwave. I am up much later than my husband and I don't want the noise to wake him up so I forget to use it. I'd long been looking for an alternative and several internet searches led me to the Eyeris. I've been using it on average every other night before bed and love it. With the heat and massage it accomplishes the same thing, but somehow better, than the Bruder did and I don't have to get back up or use the microwave to use it. The other evening I had gotten something down in my eye while mowing the lawn and after trying to flush my eye it appeared to be lodged in my duct. I used the heat-only mode (don't use pressure and massage if you have debris in your eye!) and it caused enough tear production the offending grass made its exit without me having to dig for it. I appreciate the Bluetooth so I can listen to my own music, but the onboard music isn't bad on its own. I've seen complaints about the buttons, but once I knew where they were I haven't had any issues with them. My only quibble is that the unit itself is top to bottom wide enough that it does creep down my nose a little with the massage enabled, but I have a short nose bridge so it's more of a me problem than a device problem. I love this thing so much and can't wait to tell my doc about it. Highly recommend!

Eshal Roach
Verified Buyer

My grandpa passed down migraines to my mom, and my mom passed down migraines to me. Thanks mom. The goggles aren't the most comfortable, but they aren't really uncomfortable either. I have to lay back, there's no rolling around or curling into any fetal positions or anything of that sort. If I sit up straight, they struggle to stay on. But, usually when I have a headache or migraine, I want to lay down anyways so it doesn't really matter! The most important part is how well it helps those headaches and migraines. If I have a low tier headache, it does pretty good to get rid of it. For my migraines or heavy headaches, I can't say it completely gets rid of them, cause it doesn't. It does make them much MUCH easier to deal with and significantly lessens the pain. The massage around the eyes just feels nice in general too! My wife tried it once with a headache and she said it wiped it out completely.

Karl Velazquez
Verified Buyer

This thing has been a lifesaver for me! My eyes get so tired and achy. Sometimes they just hurt and sometimes I’m tired and this helps sort that out. I put it on and after 10 minutes I’m much improved… or asleep. I have both the Eyeris 1 and 2.

Conrad Krueger
Verified Buyer

Oh my! This was the at home spa experience I needed. So economical and it makes me feel like I' literally drifting off in one of those luxurious calming resort spas in Phoenix. I just adore this little device. The heat is definitely noticeable as it warms immediately. I did have to figure out exactly where I like it on my face because the first use it was too face down the bridge of my nose and I didn't like the squeeze. I have a slim face so once I adjusted the mask and pulled it up a bit I was in relaxation bliss. The music is sooooo calming. For sure get one if you have been looking for cheaper ways to relax. This single price could literally save thousands of dollars on outside spa services and stress-related bills, This is THE PERFECT DESTRESSER :)

Daniela Carrillo
Verified Buyer

I’m a stay at home mom and this is the perfect way to decompress after kiddo goes to bed. I’m still playing with the settings to find the one I like best but they’re all great. I also get migraines occasionally so I’m looking forward to trying it out on a migraine day to see if it takes the edge off while the medication kicks in.

Anisa Grant
Verified Buyer

We've only had this a week, and it's amazing. I purchased this for my wife to help with some issues, and I find I use it as much as she does! I haven't had the best of luck with massagers in the past- foot and chair massagers are either too hard or too soft, too much hassle to use, etc. This is just perfect!

Virginia Fowler
Verified Buyer

This item is great! I bought it to help with a dry eye condition that requires heat compresses. But I use it for a lot more: headaches, sinus congestion, stress relief. I even use it on my forehead, and it messages my temples lightly. I've even worn it backwards to help message the base of my skull when I have migraines. I like the ability to choose individual massage/heat modes and the ability to turn the music off as well. I've used this several months now, and it's been quite reliable. If I had one complaint, it would be that it's a bit heavy on the bridge of my nose.

Emma Vincent
Verified Buyer

I wasn’t expecting much because of how affordable this was, but it’s truly amazing! I get migraines semi-regularly and have trouble falling asleep all the time, and this has been an absolute god send! It helps relieve tension and relaxes me so I can fall asleep quickly.

Melissa Walsh
Verified Buyer

I really like this eye massager. the comfort I gave 5 stars, because there isn't anything is wrong. with the Messager. It's how it sits on nose. I have dry eye really bad and migraines, this works wonders for both.

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